EXO Chen, Punch (펀치) – EveryTime (Descendants of the Sun OST) – Virtual Piano Sheet

d s P^ q sy E dy E yg j 9 e gi gy i y d D g( DE-D-Y-d-E-D-Y E Y P-P-g( DQ-D-E-d-Q-D-E dQ sE P ^ q ys E dy E yg j 9 e ig gy i y d g h( E-D-Y-d-E-g-Y DE Y P-P-g( QD-D-E-d-Q-D-E d s P Piw   eis  gl c  ^ q E-P-Pq-P-P sq dEi s 2 9 e-p-p9-p-p P9 sqe P @ ( w Eo  w E P [email protected] -sQ dE s-d-^ Q E qP-P-P sq diE s 2 9g Det dq D-d-9-s-qe-P [email protected](-o-wE ( Ey w Ey wP [email protected] Q sEY (-d-5 w dyE dw d hw-h-Ey-d-w g2 g9-g-et-d-9-s-ti e et [email protected] s( dEY d( EY d( hEY g 1 q eti  eti  d s P^ q sEt q dEy q gEy j 2 9 qetg g9  9 dqe D [email protected] D(-D-EY-d-(-D ( wE [email protected] DQ-D-E-d-Q-D d( sQE P ^ q Eys q Eyd q Eyg j 2 9 qetg g9  9 dqe g [email protected] (-D-EY-d-(-g D( wE [email protected] d( sQE P 5 w Ey Pw P-s-dw dEt s-d-$ Q ey QP P-s-dQ dey P j4 q-Jd-ey jdq  qg ey d 3 0s wy P0-o -o0 pwy P @ o( swt d(  d( hwy g 4 q e ti -i s g gl-c    d s P ^ sqE  di  dg dj 2 9 gqet g9g -9 qed D [email protected] D(-D-wY-d-(-D ( wE [email protected] Pq-P-E-d-Q-D d( sQE P ^ q Eys q Eyd q Eyg j 2 9 qetg g9  9 qed g [email protected] (-D-wY-d-(-g D( wE [email protected] P-P-(QE-d P   P g^-qd sqy P  Pq-s-dEy-g-d g9-e-d syi d  e yi d D(-d-Ey-P -P D-d-(-P-EY-P D(E-d-Q-s d-(-D-QE ( dQ D g^-q-d sqt P  Pq-s-dEy-g-d g9-w-d syi d -e yi d h(-E-g-g D-(-D-EY-d-s d-(-D-( Q E Q g ( QD  ^i-P-d



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