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Real To Me – Nichole Nordeman | Piano Sheet Music

Name song: Real To Me
Singer: Nichole Nordeman
Sheet music: PDF , Midi

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Lyric :

Every time I try to find you
Every road comes back around
Just another hoop to jump through
Another mile of covered ground

I am weary of the answers
More theory and cliché
They raise the letter of the law like a banner
‘Til you’re small and far away

All the questions in my head
Are from my heart instead

Be real to me now
That’s all I’m asking
Be real to me now

Every scribe and every scholar
No winners in this debate
Everybody seems to stand up taller
When you’re easy to explain

I don’t need to know what I don’t know
Just got to let it go

Be real to me now
That’s all I’m asking
Be real somehow
More than anything
More than anything

So lay down the sword
And put away the doctrine
Love a little more, love a little more
‘Cause everybody’s broken



  • Real To Me Nichole Nordeman piano sheet music
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