Sheet Piano – Omigod You Guys – Legally Blonde The Musical

Name song: Omigod You Guys
Singer: Legally Blonde The Musical
Sheet music: PDF , Midi

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Lyric :

Dear Elle, he’s a lucky guy
I’m like, gonna cry
I got tears coming out of my nose

Mad prop, he’s the campus catch
You’re a perfect match
‘Cuz you both got such great taste in clothes
Of course, he will propose

Dear Elle, honey, mazel tov
Future’s taking off
Bring that ring back
And show it to me

Four carrots, a princess cut
Are you psyched or what?
I just wish I could be there to see
When he gets down on one knee

Omigod, omigod, you guys
Looks like Elle’s gonna win the prize
If there ever was a perfect couple
This one qualifies, omigod, you guys

Omigod, this is happening
Our own homecoming queen and king
Finally, she’ll be trying on a huge engagement ring for size
Omigod, you guys, omigod

Everybody signed, good
Now, fall in line
And we’ll start the engagement parade

Light candles in single file
Don’t forget to smile
Lose the gum Kate, you look like a maid, sorry
Now, prepare to serenade

Omigod, omigod, you guys
Looks like Elle’s gonna win the prize
If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualif’
Omigod, guys, I’m serious

Elle and Warner were meant to be
Not once ever has he hit on me, shut up
There just like that couple from Titanic
Only no one dies, omigod

Two, three, four, daughter of Delta Nu
Soon to be fiancee
Now that a man chose you
Your life begins today

Make him a happy home
Waste not his hard earned wage
And so he does not roam
Strive not to look your age

Still in your hour of need
Let it be understood
No man could super see
Our sacred bond of sisterhood

Omigod, omigod, you guy
Guys, she’s not here
Bruiser, where is Elle?

She’s doesn’t have an engagement outfit?
She’s totally freaking out?
She’s trapped in the old valley mill?
Oops sorry, the Old Valley Mall

Omigod, that’s emergency
Don’t take the freeway, hey, wait for me
No one should be left alone
To dress and to accessorize

Omigod, you guys, omigod
Omigod, omigod, omigod, omigod

It’s almost there but
This dress needs to seal the deal
Make a grown man kneel
But it can’t come right out and say bride

Can’t look like I’m desperate or
Like I’m waiting for it
I gotta leave Warner his pride
So bride is more implied, here she is

Omigod, omigod, you guys
All this week I’ve had butterflies
Every time he looks at me it’s totally proposalized
Omigod, you guys, omigod

So, help me dress for my fairytale
Can’t wear something, I bought on sale
Love is like forever
This is no time to economize, omigod, you guys

Blondes make commission so easy
Excuse me, have you seen this?
It just came in
It’s perfect for a blonde

Right with a half lip stitch on china silk?
But the thing is, you can’t use a half lip stitch on china silk
It will pucker and you didn’t just get this in
Because I saw it in last May’s Vogue

Omigod, omigod, you guys
I’m not about to buy last years dress at this years price
Elle saw right through that salesgirl’s lies
It may be perfect for a blonde but I’m not that blonde
I may be in love but I’m not stupid, lady, I’ve got eyes

Omigod, Elle Woods, sorry, our mistake
Courtney, take your break
Just ignore her, she hasn’t been well
Try this, latest from Milan
Go on, try it on, I take care of my best clientele
It’s a gift from me to Elle

Omigod, omigod, you guys
This one’s perfect and it’s just my size
See dreams really do come true
You never have to compromise, omigod

Omigod, omigod, omigod you guys
Let’s go home before someone cries
If there ever was a perfect couple this one qualifies
‘Cuz we love you guys

No, I love you guys
Omigod, omigod
Omigod you guys, omigod



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