Sheet Piano – Positive – Legally Blonde The Musical

Name song: Positive 
Singer: Legally Blonde The Musical
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Lyric :

Honey, whatcha cryin’ at?
You’re not losing him to that
Both her hair and shoes are flat
Why is she so rude?

Wipe your tears, it’s no big thing
You were meant to wear his ring
Cheer up, chin up
It’s time to bring a happy attitude

Keep it positive
And slap her to the floor
Keep it positive
As you pull her hair and call her whore

You can take her in a fight
You and he will reunite
You know we’re right
We’re positive, kill her

Girls, girls, violence is never wise
Not the way to win that guys
Anyway she’s twice my size
Who’s gotta plan B?

Oh, me, look at her, she’s like a nun
Showin’ you are way more fun
Bust out the lap dance and you won
You offed the hizzle, gee, what?

Keep it positive
Yeah, let out your inner freak
Keep it positive
Miss. Prissy Pants won’t last a week

You will whet his appetite
You and he will reunite
You know we’re right
We’re positive, we’re positive, we’re positive, we’re posi

Oh, my god, you’re making me sick
Are we?
Warner, let’s take this back to my place
Aah, hey, hey, hey, be positive

That he loves you and not her
The hot tub

And the betchyas’
Not her, she don’t know the real him

You feel him
So, don’t her her steal him
Wake him up like sleepin’ beauty
Turn his head with your red hot booty

You bring the noise and you bring the funk
It’s positively can’t do, shake your junk
Shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, whoo

Girls, how is this helping?
He’s not even here
He left while we were shaking junk

Girls, I’m positive
That we’ve taken this to far
No, I’m positive
This is Harvard not a stripper bar

All this trashy carrin’ on
That’s the reason now he’s gone
I need a salon

Girls, I’m positive
Try not to get upset
But I’m positive
It’s time for me to go brunette, what?

Being blonde and being hot
That got me exactly squat
Gotta to show him
I’ve got more to give

No, I’m positive
Being positive
I’m positive
Being positive
I’m positive
Being positive, being positive, positive



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